Forged and extruded magnesium products (wrought products) will play a key role in the automotive industry as concerted efforts are made to produce lighter, more fuel-efficient vehicles.  


The benefits of magnesium (Mg), and Mg-engineered-alloys come from the materials’ inherent low density (two-thirds the density of aluminum), excellent strength-to-weight ratio, good fatigue strength, and extraordinary dampening capacity. Lightest Components exploits Mg and its products by utilizing our vast experience through partnership with SMW Mg producer.  Lightest Components furthers the use of Mg by exploiting the material’s properties beyond current applications--through our advanced forging technologies that produce superior one-piece forged wheels and other components.   


Mg components have been produced historically by means of casting technologies, which have inherent disadvantages--including differing local solidification structures, void/porosity content, and shrinkage cavities.  These disadvantages require a cast part to have a more robust design, which equates to more material. Therefore, cast Mg parts do not fully realize the material’s lightweight advantages. Forging, on the other hand, increases the material’s strength by virtue of the densification that forms preferential grain flow patterns of the part, thus allowing less material.


The weight reduction for wheels is most efficient because of the rotational mass consideration. In other words, every one pound of unsprung weight that is eliminated has the equivalent of, or exceeds, five pounds of sprung weight on the chassis, thus enabling a 1-to-5 ratio. Because of the limited knowledge and expertise in the area of forged Mg wheels, few global suppliers can deliver this product.


The Lightest Components mission is to deliver the highest quality metallurgical products--state-of-the-art wheels and other components--at an affordable price. We aim to facilitate the ultimate driving performance and improved vehicle safety (shorter braking distance and reduced risk of tire failure), along with a positive environmental impact. Among other working relationships, Lightest Components LLC has contracted with Lotus F1 division of Renault to develop and produce several components. Our R&D center engineers developed prototypes of magnesium wheels with improved characteristics, integrating technologies applied in high-tech motorsports applications, such as Formula One and MotoGP. The prototypes represent a clear improvement in characteristics over any such similar examples available around the world.


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