As a major player in a rapidly evolving industry, we understand the importance of continuing development and innovation. We collaborate closely with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) and with a number of leading research institutes in Russia, Latvia, Germany and Italy, which helps keep us at the forefront of the lightweight metals industry. Through our valued partnerships and affiliations, as well as our participation in the global professional community, Lightest Components offers forward-thinking solutions to meet the various needs of our clients.

We are pioneering R&D in the field of metallurgy and carbon fiber--including new lightweight materials for motorsports and the automotive industry and for aerospace. Our engineers have performed applied research testing on the process of compacting nano-structured micro-crystalline alloys to obtain full-size products at maximum preservation and enhancement of the ultra-granular structure.  Our innovative technology includes successfully impregnating MMC particles to strengthen the properties of light alloys.

In 2016 Lightest Components initiated a significant project in Vidin (Bulgaria) to acquire innovative high-tech machining equipment that will help introduce an additional range of products--highly-durable magnesium wheels accompanied with a manufacturer’s ten-year warranty. The plan includes both the modernization of the production process and an increase in efficiency by introducing ECO-innovation, i.e. product design consistent with 2020 environmental requirements. Introduction of a sound environmental management method and auditing (EMAS) will improve the energy efficiency of the manufacturing process.


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